“You are as limited as your belief system”

“A medium to Self Empowerment and enhancement of human possibilities thus becoming an agency of a stellar and paradigm shift in consciousness of humanity, Is my Life Purpose. Kartik Naidu

Kartik Naidu is the creator of the Mind Engineering program and the 4% technique course and author of the upcoming book “The 4%” is a transpersonal trainer and therapist with profound experience in subconscious and Super conscious mind training, He is a Clinical hypnotherapist specializing in Cognitive Therapy, Regression therapy, Past Life and Spiritual Regression.

He has developed several training programs which are psychological and scientific and help people enhance their abilities, focus, performance and personality. These trainings incorporate transformational tools which not just help individuals advance through stressful situations easily but also help them excel in their career and business. The popular ones being The ascending / descending breath. The 10F method, the 60:10 , 60:5 rule for emotional mastery and the rubber band technique. These tools have been applied on hundreds of personal clients and have produceds tunning results. Some of his client sinclude, HNIS, UNLTRAHNIS, businessmen, industrialists, businesswomen, actors and actresses, politicians, CEO’s and CFO’s middle and higher level management of topcorporate.

seeker and visionary transformer of lives has been a humbling experience. In the journey of his self mastery which began at the age of 13 when he was initiated by a spiritual master who was a scientist before he got realized. Kartik’s experience of training under realized masters, hypnotherapists, alchemists, doctors, ancient yogis and scientists enables him to create a perfect blend of scientific and spiritual methodologies for transforming lives.