kartik Naidu

Hi I am Kartik Naidu,
I am here to make your world infinite

India's Leading Psychospiritual Therapist, and energy healer with the purpose of Self Empowerment of people, Kartik Naidu, is widely gaining popularity for facilitating a shift in the consciousness of humanity.

Kartik was initiated into spiritual practices at the mere age of 13 by a self-realized master. Training in consciousness and psychospiritual development for over two decades enabled him to create healing modalities and powerful transformational therapeutic tools to heal people's lives. These tools help in trauma healing, cognitive development, and removal of Impressions and in re-programming the mind.

What gained the most applause was the unique 4% technique- A Gift to the masses by Kartik Naidu, which helps people optimize their skills, focus and performance and advance through stressful situations easily, enabling them in their careers and business.

A few popular ones among these are The ascending /descending breath, The 10 F method, the 60:10, 60:5 rule for emotional mastery and the rubber band technique. To journal his expressions as a psychospiritual therapist, the world got to read "The elephant enlightenment and the vanilla Icecream tub", -a book by Kartik Naidu.

Thousands of people from all different walks of life, from celebrities, billionaires, fashion designers, industrialists, Corporate Ceos and many individuals in India and Internationally, have benefited from the spectacular healing programme by Kartik Naidu. Being a psychospiritual Therapist, Naidu has had unbelievable success in reversing some of the most severe disorders and physical conditions like anxiety, bipolar, and depression disorders, and physical & neurological conditions like blood cell diseases, stammering, paralysis, asthma and involuntary tremors in the body, chronic bowel disorders and PCOD, cervical and sexual disorders.

Training rigorously on spiritual practices under his Guru and his sadhana has given Mr. Kartik Naidu the skills & techniques that can heal the human mind and transform their consciousness, therefore, giving people a deeper experience of life and fulfilment for the Prolific Inputs he has made to the field as a Psychospiritual Therapist.

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